Strolling Musicians

Having strolling music at your event allows the musicians to play at various locations. Strollers can range from one performer to as many as six.

While some groups will go to a  location  stop- play and move on, some  can stroll and play simultaneously. Like a New Orleans Dixieland band.

We have both groups available. 


The Strolling Ambassadors  A trio with  Saxophone, Bass, & Guitar or Keyboard. This trio provides a quiet, elegant sound to compliment any event. They can take request at each table or play as your guests arrive and await dinner. Tuxedos or suits. 



Los Amigos . For that Hispanic flavor. They are as fun as they are authentic! Latin ,Salsa and traditional Mexican music. Three Musicians playing Guitar, Guitarron Basso, and Sax/Flute. The guys also all sing three part vocals. Dressed in Mexican attire.



Twin Cites world music band.

The group performs as trio to a five-piece. Many of the musicians play more than one acoustic instrument. Not uncommon to hear a tin whistle, concertina, fiddle, melodica, flute, or guitar playing with a fire that continues the musical traditions of Ireland, Italy,& France. The band plays at concerts, parties, and local Twin City pubs  dazzling audiences with authentic ethnic music- Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Airs, Waltzes, Polkas & Horas.

Explore the world through music.


TC Strollers can stroll and play simultaneously. They are a fun combo Starting as a three piece their instrumentation is very unique Melodica, Tuba/Bass, & Guitar moving all the way to a  six piece augmented with brass, clarinet & a percussionist. Their repertoire ranges from Beatles to Dixieland. They are as fun to watch as to listen to. The perfect choice for Company Parties, Grand Openings, Dinning Music. They perform in  suits & ties  or Hawaiian Shirts. 

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