Steve Hegman has been playing piano professionally in the Twin Cities for 28 years.

He averages playing 4 events per week as a pianist or with his jazz trio, playing  parties, ceremonies, grand openings and anniversaries.

Steve started organ lessons with Yale Libman in 1970. He studied music at Macalester College and  piano with Dawn Hilbert,  Steve Klawiter & Manfredo Fest. Steve spent 10 years teaching piano for the St. Paul School District,  two years playing organ for the now absent Minnesota Northstars, and was an active member and pianist with the Minnesota Jazz Association for several years.

Mr. Hegman's fascination with politics has allowed him to perform as a piano player for governors Carlson, Ventura, and Pawlenty as well as for three presidents of the USA and Henry  Kissinger.  Locally, you may have heard Steve playing at baseball games for the Minnesota Twins or at a tavern or pub here in the Twin Cities. Steve has performed in England, France, Mexico & Canada. From his travels abroad, Steve has developed a nice repertoire of French, Italian, & Irish folk songs.

He  also enjoys playing soft background piano music, such as Cole Porter, Gershwin, Rogers and Hart. His  style is somewhat diversified, ranging from  jazz (his favorite) and classical music to an extensive pop repertoire, including the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Stevie Wonder.

 Mr. Hegman coordinates a very talented group of pianists.  Piano rental is available for locations without a piano keyboard.  Performances are often augmented with additional musicians. Click below to see sample pianist song lists.




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Steve  can be heard on the following recordings:            

Morris Wilson's Express    Jazz LP 

Minnesota Jazz Association   LP

The Gypsy Fiddle Player     LP/cassette

Ocean Of Insight    cassette

 First Ray Of Sunlight    cassette/CD

Flammable Jammies     Jazz  CD

Northern Lights    Blues  CD

Decoy Comedy Idiot Tube   Comedy  CD

Limerence    Jazz  CD


Member of the Twin Cities Musicians Union Local 30 - 73

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