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Jazz, the great American art form. A melody elegantly played and then the magic of spinning variations on the theme.    

Jazz trio live TV in Minneapolis , Minnesota>

TC Jazz Trio (or Quartet) are a selection of  fine musicians working the the jazz circuit today. An instrumental group performing from a huge repertoire of superb music from composers like Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter and others. With a combination of top class musicianship and a wealth of high quality experience, Twin City Jazz add style and sophistication to any event. The traditional line-up of saxophone, piano and double bass or saxophone, guitar and double bass (+ drums for quartet) brings a compelling sound to any occasion. Jazz Trios are Piano /Bass /Drums. A nice combination for dining & dancing.   Piano/Bass /Saxophone, Flute & Clarinet  is also a nice Jazz Trio for  soft background and Dixieland jazz.
Jazz Quartet - Piano/Bass/Drums/Horn 

 Jazz Quartet -Piano/Bass/Sax/Trumpet

The Jazz Quintet pulls out all the stops with the Jazz trio plus two horns. 


Photo of Twin City jazz trio playing for the Minnesota AHS telethon

All combinations are available Jazz trio instrumental or Jazz band with vocals.
Call, make an appointment, and hear for yourself .
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Perfect for quiet background, dining, silent auctions, dancing,