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The MyLodica is designed, patented, and distributed by Sound Electra. Our MyLodica goal was to produce a warmer richer sound than that of its plastic relatives. Sound vibrations travel from the reed plates to a chamber and then resonate from the wood cabinet.  The fact that it looks incredible could not be helped. We take pride in what we build and lets face it, wood rocks! 
*  Best key action

*  Strong reeds

* Wider dynamic range

*  More resonant sound

  audio chords

Roy Powell Video Balkan Taxi

John Medeski video


"I've A/B the MyLodica against all my other melodicas. The MyLodica wins hands down" John Medeski   12/9/06
Dealing with the manufacturers has been interesting to say the least. Most view the instrument as a toy and some have smirked as I would explain to them that the melodica is viewed and played as a valid instrument by professional musicians. Taking matters into our own hands, literally, Sound Electra now  provides a melodica keyboard with a great  keyboard action, strong reeds, and  beautiful hand constructed wood instead of mass produced plastic. No two snowflakes or MyLodicas are exactly the same. 


Introducing the MyLodica.

An instrument - not a toy.

Includes case, hand strap, mouthpiece, flex tube

 MyLodica - hand made wood melodica type keyboard.

This instrument is made to last. Parts available.

 Sound Electra

(952) 687-1810 or (612) 963-8779

Sound is a subjective science. You be the judge  audio chords

Reed plates for the mylodica. Each Mylodica has 3 reed plates containing an octave of brass reeds. If you need to replace a plate they are $45.00 per plate.

Please specify which octave you require.

 Keys (specify which) $.50 / Springs $ .10 / info free