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Melodica is the name given to a wind instrument created by the German company Hohner in the late 1950’s. Variations of this  keyboard have since been manufactured by numerous companies in different regions of the world, each giving the instrument a different name. Examples include Pocket Piano, Blow Accordion, Melodeon, Diamonica, Melodyhorn, Wind Piano, Keyboard Harmonica, Pianica, Cassette and of course the MyLodica, enough to give this little instrument a massive identity crisis requiring an orchestra of therapists. This site was designed to educate, sell & promote Melodica keyboard instruments. 

                             This site is dedicated to our brothers, Steve and Gregg.

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The worlds best sounding wood wind melodica! Beautiful hand constructed wood body, each Mylodica is unique! Great key action, full resonant tone. Looks, feels, and sounds like an instrument! Mouthpiece, flex- tube, hand strap, case included. Range F3-F6 Complete three-octave (37 note) keyboard.       audio chords          MMWvideo
Balkan TaxiVideo
Click for additional photos and description 

Melodica L37

                         L-37 Melodica    

  Has a full three-octave (37 note) keyboard. Range F3-F6 This range allows one to play 1000's of melodies. Chords or solo lines sound great on this keyboard.   Mouthpiece, flex- tube, vented case & air release button all included. Next to the Mylodica, Steve's personal favorite. Best keyboard action for playing fast lines with strong reeds for expressive dynamics yet still light enough to hold while playing.$99.00

Hohner Fire Melodica.  Sounds great. Black and red. 32 notes. Includes plastic case (you guessed it , Red)  curved mouthpiece and black flex tube. Price $77.00


Hohner Ocean Melodica, Wild new colours. Looks great on and off stage. Black and blue. 32 notes. Includes plastic case (Blue of course) mouthpiece and black flex tube. Price $77.00


Keyboard Sitar  KS2  KEYTAR Acoustic keyboard sitar. This fun, not a melodica, ax from India has a interesting 28 note keyboard. Has 10 strings, 2 allocated for drones, 8 tuned in unison or various intervals.  Folds up into a compact wood suitcase.35" x 6" x 4". You play the keyboard with one hand, while other hand strums. It produces a wild, monophonic string (8 string  unison) sound.  tune-key & pick included. Barbarically made from the hills of India. Great for recording, videos, live performance, music experimentation & ethnic stuff. Can be used with the Melodica Pickup. While in stock.Click for larger photo, description & modifications. $150.00  Audio sample  

Voyager 32 32 notes. F3-C6. Wonderful instrument with a sonic range to play most songs and light enough to hold while playing. Includes keyboard, case with strap, mouthpiece, flex tube, Lightweight. Available in BLUE. $58.00

appears to be identical to the Horner ST-32


Voyager 37   The most popular 37 note melodica in this price range. We are continuing our sale. A quality, because that's what we sell, 37 note keyboard, mouthpiece, flex-tube and case.   This is not the same keyboard as the L37 . Available in blue. Range . F3-F6  $59.00

Fantastic Value!


                                     Hammond BB

 This melodion made by Hammond. Includes not one, but two built in mics! The BassBB , weighing  in at 2 pounds ,includes mp, flex tube and case. t. Click for additional photos and description 

                   No longer Manufactured by Hammond         

 bass melodica piano

 Bass  The  Bass24.   Range F2-E4. This is the lowest range wind piano made. People have asked us for years for a Bass melodica so here it is! Larger reeds produce a low accordion like sound. Mouthpiece  &  soft black zipper case. Bass24 is $350.00   A pocket-baritone saxaudio         Video    


Suzuki Pro-37v2  Keyboard, we have had enough calls for this to include it on our site. F3-F6, 37 keys with leather type carrying case, mouthpiece extension tube, and two standard mouthpieces  tapered reads and a strong key action make this a fun, fine instrument to play. $475.00



The Andes. This unique instrument looks like a melodica but sounds like a Recorder! It's a wind instrument  but creates a Recorder sound with pitch tubes not reeds! But unlike a Recorder, the Andes allows the performer to play chords. The Andes has 25 keys with a range of F5 to F7. Includes a short mouthpiece, a tube mouthpiece and a strap. It really is in a class by it self. $400.00 



Yamaha enters the ring , and in this corner, weighing  2.72 lbs standing in a 15" x 7' x 2" case. The yellow pianica screams to be played. $100.00



   The Soloist

Wood Soprano Mylodica. A new chapter in the wind piano revolution! One octave higher, F4-C7 sounding like  a chromatic harmonica and a piccolo flute. If your looking for a  keyboard to augment your arsenal,  the Soloist has its own sonic territory. An octave above all the rest. Leather soft case, mouthpiece and flextube included. Well tuned soprano reeds..$300.00


The Jubilee 32 RED MELODICA   with inverted colour melodica keys   Sounds as cool as it looks!   Hohner, the company started and continues  the melodica revolution. This 32 note inverted colour black/red keyboard is a collectors piece only x00 made world wide. No longer manufactured. Collectors item. 1 left. $350.00  


  select correct shipping

melodicia comixs coming

Schoenhut Toy Piano 37 Key wind piano. German name stamped on case but they are  made in China.    For the budget minded. Case , mouthpiece, and flextube provided.  $45.00 appears to be identical to the Excalibur

The Traveler25 notes. F3-F5. Perfect for vacations, day trips, fits in suitcase and most backpacks. Includes keyboard, case, mouthpiece, flex tube, Keyboard alone weighs less than 2 LBs. Available in BLUE. $49.00

size with case only 14" x 5" x 2" 


 Hohner melodica pianos HM36, HM32, HM27, HM26, soprano, alto The compact green Hohner Soprano melodica has button keys emulating a 2 octave keyboard C4-C6. The SO no longer available. It's cousin a red Alto melodica   for  AL  F2-F4.
The HM 26 Soprano melodica. It has a piano keyboard. Range B3-C6 Hohner has discontinued manufacturing  the HM26. 
The HM 27 Alto melodica .  It has a lower range than the Soprano. Great for playing chords. F3-G5 Hohner has discontinued manufacturing  the HM27. 
The popular selling Hohner melodica is the HM 32. It covers the range of both alto  & soprano models. Range F3-C6 Includes melodica, case, mouthpiece, flex tube, music rack Sale Price: $250.00 
The largest Hohner melodica is the  HM36. The Cadillac of the Hohners. 3 octave range.F3-E6 Includes case & mouthpiece.  Hohner has discontinued manufacturing  the HM36. 
Horner 32 note melodica keyboard Hohner ST 32 melodica. Range F3-C6. Comes with a soft zipper case handles and strap, mouthpiece, & flex tube included . Great introduction to the melodica from the company that started it all. It is portable enough to put in a canoe, suitcase, or backpack.  Perfect for camping or travel.

 The Voyager 32 matches this model in blue

Keyboard Sitar "The most bizarre instrument we've yet seen." quote fromKEYBOARD MAGAZINE .KS1 KEYTAR Acoustic Keyboard Sitar. Not a melodica.This bizarre instrument  has ten strings, 2 allocated for drones, 8 tuned in unison or various intervals for each of the 24 chromatic  keys played. Laid out in a piano key format. Built into its ownhand-made wood case. You play the keyboard with one hand, while other hand strums. It produces a wild, monophonic string (8 string  unison) sound. Tune however you wish! tune-key included. Imported from the hills of India. Folks love them. No manuals or MIDI . For the adventurous musician! 24" x 5" x 4"   KS1is $125.00Colors vary. Folds up into a compact wood suitcase.24" x 6" x 4".Shipping $20.00          Audio sample 



 (No Longer Manufactured by Hammond)

Hammond 44   People have been asking us for alonger keyboard harmonica for years. Well here it is with a quality built in microphone, volume control, 1/4" jack on the end. This full range pro keyboard raises the bar for wind pianos. Click for additional photos and description of theHammond 44 


                         NO LONGER AVAILABLE

A new updated version of the popular Hammond 44 . introducing the Hammond 44HP.  (High Power) The side has more holes to bring out more sound and the reeds are different giving it a brighter sound than the standard 44 . Click for additional photos and description Hammond 

Classic Melodica The  Compact C25 is an Italian toy Diamonica.   It is the smallest, lightest, wind pianos we sell. black/red 25 small key soprano used in the European schools. Includes instruction booklet (8 languages),  built in mouthpiece, and  flex tube for desktop play. It has this highest range C5-C7 of all our wind pianos but make no mistake this is a toy for children. Extremely portable. Listen to the sound byte.  Audio sample $30.00   
Melodica Pickup Melodica Pickup.  Click for complete description. The MP is only $60.00. Mounts to bottom of Melodica. Works as well with the keyboard sitars. 
The instruments sold may come from different countries . MN state law stipulates these to be sold new and unplayed.Tuning may vary from instrument to instrument. Most instruments  are tunable as is an harmonica or an accordion. Because of state  health laws we do not sell used melodicas, hence no returns.

How to order? Easy.  Most items Shipping in USA are $16.00 Priority. Canada $32.00  Overseas  $35.00 to $47.00  We accept  USA Postal MoneyOrderschecks , and Paypal.


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