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In celebration of Hammond Organs 75Th Anniversary, Hammond Suzuki USA is proud to announce the addition of an exciting new instrument, The Hammond 44 Melodion (Keyboard Harmonica)

    Developed in conjunction with parent company Suzuki Music in Japan, (A leading harmonica manufacturer) The 44 is the first non-organ product to be offered by Hammond since the 50s.

    . The Hammond 44 is the first Melodion to feature 44 keys, and an onboard high-quality dynamic microphone. Phosphorus Bronze Tapered Reeds provide a warm sound, and stable tuning.

    The three-pound Hammond 44 is shipped with three different mouthpieces which allow users to play it held up like a wind instrument, on ones side using a guitar strap, or atop another keyboard or table. A padded backpack-style gigbag is also included.

Hammond 44
Acoustic/Electric Melodion

Keyboard & Range: 44 keys, c to g3
Sound Source: Phosphorous Bronze Tapered Plated Reeds
Microphone Output: 1/4 inch Phone Jack
Microphone Type: Dynamic
Control: Volume
Dimensions: 22 1/4 inch x 4 1/4 inch x 2 inch
Weight: 2lb, 10oz.
Accessories: Short Mouthpiece, Flexible Mouthpiece, L Joint Long Mouthpiece, 
Polishing Cloth, Gig bag